Celebrate Our Heroes! A Blessed Memorial Day to those men & women who served!

Memorial Day May 25, 2015. “Papa Duke”, as we’ve come to call him, will be interviewed by Fox News Chicago in the afternoon, and the interview will air at 9pm Chicago time. Please tune in to hear him share with us!

Thank you again, and a Special Tribute to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defending and supporting This Great Country, The United States Of America! Thank you and may God bless all of our Veterans!

Donna King-Nykolaycuyk

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Our Heroes! A Blessed Memorial Day to those men & women who served!

  1. Walt Baumann


    I met you Doug at the CAN-TV video taping with Frank Avila in Chicago.

    I saw this story highlighted on the Yahoo website. Thought it might be

    of interest to you, in case you had not come across it yourself. Some

    parallels to the story of Duke “The Indian”.

    Walt Baumann

    “With Medal of Honor award, family learns WWI hero wasn’t kin”
    Associated Press By GEORGE M. WALSH

    1. Donna King-Nykolaycuyk Post author

      Thank you, Walt for thinking of us. Yes, I have read the story. Grandpa Duke was recently honored by his ‘kin’ – The Yankton Sioux Tribe in South Dakota held a Pow Wow in honor of Duke’s service in WWII. During a sacred ceremony, they presented him with a Red Feather (a red-painted Eagle feather), in honor of his spilling blood on the battlefield. It was something to witness and be a participant!
      ‘Hope all is well with you and yours!
      Donna King-Nykolaycuyk


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